The Rx Foundation supports collaborative initiatives to promote health justice, healing and wellness in communities throughout the United States.

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Advancing Health Justice in the United States

The Rx Foundation has made grants totaling over $35 million since our founding in 2002, and the resulting collaborations have addressed a wide range of challenges in the health care delivery system and in communities impacted by health inequities. We engage with diverse partners committed to a future in which all communities build their connections, capacity and power to address the root causes of poor health.


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Image Source: People’s Action Institute

Holding Institutions Accountable for Access and Equity

In our latest Power is a Social Determinant of Health webinar, we hear from leaders at People’s Action Institute (national), the Center for Health Progress (CO), and El Centro (KS), each of whom bring tangible examples of work to hold health care institutions and insurers accountable for how their practices impact patients.


Image Source: Institute for Exceptional Care

A National Roadmap for Disability-Inclusive Healthcare

In this short blog post, we uplift a new tool for clinicians to best serve patients with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD), created by the Institute for Exceptional Care.

El Centro, Kansas City

Image Source: Rising Majority

Building Durable, Dynamic, and Responsive Power: Lessons from a Movement of Movements

In our most recent newsletter issue, we share highlights from April’s Power is a Social Determinant of Health webinar with Rising Majority, including three important lessons learned from building a “movement of movements” that struck us as important no matter where your seat is at the table.

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