The Rx Foundation supports collaborative initiatives to promote health justice, healing and wellness in communities throughout the United States.

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The Rx Foundation has made grants totaling over $35 million since our founding in 2002, and the resulting collaborations have addressed a wide range of challenges in the health care delivery system and in communities impacted by health inequities. We engage with diverse partners committed to a future in which all communities build their connections, capacity and power to address the root causes of poor health.


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Covid Molecule

Image Source: People’s Action

Care Over Cost & People Over Profit: Fighting Medical Claim Denials

Rx Foundation grant partner, People’s Action, is getting people the care they need and transforming our healthcare system through their Care Over Cost campaign, a multi-state grassroots effort tackling medical claim denials. From Maine to Colorado, the Care Over Cost team is holding insurers to account. In this blog, we share how you can get involved.


Image Source: Sea Change RCO

A New Model for a More Equitable and Compassionate Recovery Ecosystem

In our most recent newsletter issue, we sit down with Elizabeth Burke Beaty, Founder and CEO of the Sea Change Recovery Community Organization, to discuss harm reduction, grassroots organizing and advocacy related to substance use disorder, and what grounds her in this work.

El Centro, Kansas City

Image Source: El Centro

Levers for Long-Term Change: How Vaccine Plus Community-Led Health Initiatives Built Power & Strategies for the Future

In this Power is a Social Determinant of Health webinar, featuring three of Rx Foundation’s Vaccine Plus – Community Health and Power grant partners, we discuss whether grassroots groups are better able to advance long-term change in their communities as a result of their COVID response efforts and offer strategies for the future.

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