Beyond Grantmaking


After nearly 300 grants spanning 20 years, we know that the impact is greater than the sum of our grant dollars.


We bring grant partners together for shared learning, community, and collaboration. The most important experts they hear from are each other.

Coaching & Technical Assistance

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we support coaching and technical-assistance relationships based on each grant partner’s individual goals and needs.

More than a grantmaking organization

The Rx Foundation is more than a grantmaking organization. We aim to be an ally and partner that leverages our relationships and resources to support leaders, organizations, networks, and communities in advancing health justice.


The peer learning community helped me understand how other peer orgs dealt with the real challenges of capacity building. I also received coaching resources that met me and my org where we were. Together, these tools were unmatched in helping me truly get what I needed to grow my organization!

–Robyn Hyden, Executive Director of Alabama Arise