Grant Programs

Health Care Quality and Access

This core Rx Foundation grant program supports innovative projects and people in the development of groundbreaking, cost-saving improvements in health care quality and access in the United States. The Rx Foundation actively engages with leaders in the field to seek out promising projects, and invites specific institutions and organizations to apply for Health Care Quality and Access funding. The Rx Foundation will make an estimated $1.5M in grants under this program in 2019.  The foundation does not publish requests for proposals, or consider unsolicited letters of inquiry for the Health Care Quality and Access grant program.

Building capacity for health advocacy

Not currently accepting Letters of Inquiry. LOIs submitted by the deadline of August 1st, 2019 are under review. If you submitted an LOI but have not received a message inviting or declining a full proposal, then your LOI is still actively in the review process. 

This new grant program aims to (1) boost the capacity and infrastructure of state-level non-profit organizations in the US to champion issues that promote social justice through better health and better health care, and (2) build enduring networks that can sustain advocacy and citizen-engagement on issues that impact health and health care in their communities. Based on a commitment to health equity, and the belief that every person should have access to affordable, high-quality healthcare, the Building Capacity for Health Advocacy grants program is open to qualified applicants nationwide. The Rx Foundation will make an estimated $500,000 in Health Advocacy grants in 2019.