Our Grants

The Rx Foundation has funded efforts to improve the health care system in the United States since 2002. To date, the foundation has awarded over $20M in grants to hospitals, nonprofits, community organizations, and researchers working to solve persistent problems impeding the delivery of safe, high quality, health care to all citizens.

Project Leader
Grant Partner
Serious Illness Care

MA Coalition for Serious Illness Care

Final installment of a two-year grant to support a statewide coalition that is committed to aligning care for those with life-limiting illnesses with their goals and values. Deliverables include collecting and analyzing survey data, and mobilizing stakeholder organizations, with goals of catalyzing new initiatives and increasing both consumer and provider awareness of end-of-life care issues.

Project Leader: Richard Averbuch
Grant Partner: Health Resources in Action
Year: 2018
Amount: $95575
Maternal & Child Health

Defining the Role of Nurses in Influencing the Likelihood of Getting a C-section

First year of funding to develop the methodology to examine the contribution of nursing to care delivery outcomes, and to explore how some nurses achieve consistently lower C-section rates.

Project Leader: Dr. Neel Shah & Dr. Joyce Edmonds
Grant Partner: Ariadne Labs / Harvard
Year: 2018
Amount: $120000
Serious Illness Care

Development & Evaluation of a Transitional Care Program for Veterans with Serious Illness

First installment of a two-year grant in support of a project to develop the tools and protocols for a transitions-of-care program that will serve patients with serious illness who fall outside of the current targets for hospice and palliative care.

Project Leader: Dr. Julie Paik
Grant Partner: Boston VA Research Institute
Year: 2018
Amount: $214951
Education & Community Action

Building a Health Justice Movement

One year of support for a collaboration with Community Catalyst to build upon expertise in state and national health care advocacy to create a proactive vision for health and health care in Massachusetts that can become the basis of a broader health justice movement.

Project Leader: Amy Rosenthal
Grant Partner: Health Care For All
Year: 2018
Amount: $200000
Food Access & Nutrition

FVRx in Navajo Nation (Technical Assistance Grant)

In support of the collaboration between Wholesome Wave and COPE to achieve the scale and institutionalization of the Fruit and Vegetable by Prescription (FVRx) program on Navajo Nation, including streamlining the voucher redemption process and improving the data collection and utilization systems.

Project Leader:
Grant Partner: Wholesome Wave
Year: 2018
Amount: $116283
Education & Community Action

Making Health Care Fair

A 6-month seed grant in support of a new public education and advocacy initiative to connect health care policy proposals to shared American values and principles.

Project Leader: Dr. Jim Scott
Grant Partner: National Physicians Alliance
Year: 2018
Amount: $5000
Maternal & Child Health

Bridges to Moms (Research Assistant)

One additional year of support for a research assistant to work with Dr. Roseanna Means on data analysis for the Health Care Without Walls, Bridges to Moms Project.

Project Leader: Dr. Roseanna Means
Grant Partner: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Year: 2018
Amount: $28123
Health Technology

Empowering safety net providers with collective medical insight

Second installment of a grant to pilot test the Human Dx app among safety-net medical providers, to improve diagnosis and clinical decision-making. The Human Dx app enables any member of the medical community to share and solve clinical cases from around the world.

Project Leader: Dr. Seiji Hayashi
Grant Partner: Human Diagnosis Project
Year: 2018
Amount: $75000
Maternal & Child Health

Bridges to Moms

One additional year of support for expanding the number of women served and building staff capacity for a case management model for homeless pregnant and postpartum women in Boston in partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Project Leader: Dr. Roseanna Means
Grant Partner: Health Care Without Walls
Year: 2018
Amount: $71877
Social Determinants of Health

Promoting American Indian Cultural Strengths for Girls’ Health Across their Life Course: The Mother-Daughter Project

Second installment of a two-year grant to design and pilot a mother/female caregiver-daughter intervention that aims to harness matrilineal cultural assets and positive mother-daughter relationships to prevent young girls’ substance use and risky sexual behaviors, while promoting positive relationships, cultural identity and educational aspirations.

Project Leader: Allison Barlow
Grant Partner: Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health
Year: 2018
Amount: $170831