Our Grants

The Rx Foundation has funded efforts to improve the health care system in the United States since 2002. To date, the foundation has awarded over $20M in grants to hospitals, nonprofits, community organizations, and researchers working to solve persistent problems impeding the delivery of safe, high quality, health care to all citizens.

Project Leader
Grant Partner
Capacity Building

Advancing Health Equity through a Navajo COVID-19 Community of Practice

Advancing Health Equity through a Navajo COVID-19 Community of Practice: A one-year grant to support establishing a sustainable regional Navajo network of COVID-19 case management providers for contact tracing and testing; and to pilot promising practices and disseminate impactful models across network sites, in coordination with COPE (separate grant: $82,720).

Project Leader: Laura Hammitt
Grant Partner: Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health
Year: 2021
Amount: $81320
New Models of Care

Long-Term Care and Future Planning for Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Fourth installment of funding for a five-year project to develop and test tools and resources for the families of adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, as well as risk stratification tools to identify adults who are at greatest risk of institutional placement. Aims include improved and more practical assistance for a population of families who have largely been underserved. Co-funded with The Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research Foundation as part of their Greater Value Portfolio.

Project Leader: Dr. Sophia Jan
Grant Partner: Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Year: 2021
Amount: $80000
Capacity Building

The National Mass Vaccination Collaborative

A six-month grant to create a virtual collaborative network of mass vaccination site leaders to exchange information and shared learnings to improve implementation and equity in COVID-19 vaccinations.

Project Leader: Dr. Eric Goralnick
Grant Partner: Ariadne Labs
Year: 2021
Amount: $33653
Education & Community Action

COVID Vaccine Education

A one-year grant to educate and connect young adults to COVID vaccine information and appointments through a multi-pronged engagement and digital outreach effort led by YI’s Young Advocates, Youth Advisory Boards, and staff.

Project Leader: Rachel Fleischer
Grant Partner: Young Invincibles
Year: 2021
Amount: $150000
Geriatric Medicine

Reimagining Nursing Home Care

A one-year grant to support a face validity and field experience pilot of Ariadne Labs’ set of tools to reimagine well-being metrics, frontline staff roles, and communication practices at three nursing home sites in Massachusetts.

Project Leader: Evan Benjamin
Grant Partner: Araidne Labs
Year: 2021
Amount: $125000
Education & Community Action

COVID Vaccine Equity Grant: Northeast Ohio

A COVID Vaccine Equity grant to support AxessPointe’s efforts to improve vaccine access in Northeast Ohio for marginalized groups by reducing barriers and providing outreach and education throughout communities in Summit and Portage counties.

Project Leader: Mark Frisone
Grant Partner: AxessPointe
Year: 2021
Amount: $25000
Education & Community Action

COVID Vaccine Equity Grant: Northeast Ohio

A COVID Vaccine Equity grant to support Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalitions’ efforts to improve access to vaccines for African Americans in Northeast Ohio by assisting community members in overcoming barriers, including providing accurate information about vaccine appointment systems, providing direct assistance to individuals to coordinate appointments and transportation, and holding virtual town halls and focus groups to determine other barriers to access.

Project Leader: Yvonka Hall
Grant Partner: Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition
Year: 2021
Amount: $25000
Health Care Reform

Making Part D Drug Coverage Affordable and Acceptable for Medicare-only PACE Participants

Second installment of two-year grant to build support among a broad range of organizations and coalitions to raise awareness of the Medicare Part D statutory barrier that limits access to PACE for Medicare-only beneficiaries, and to work with stakeholders and key decision-makers toward a system-wide regulatory solution.

Project Leader: Anne Montgomery
Grant Partner: Altarum Institute
Year: 2021
Amount: $119986
Education & Community Action

COVID Vaccine Equity Grant: Central Ohio

A COVID Vaccine Equity grant to support Eastern Union Missionary Baptist Association’s efforts to create opportunities to have community conversations about vaccines with trusted messengers, including town halls, focus groups, and social media events led by 24 member congregations in central Ohio; it will also expand efforts to provide direct assistance to individuals during the ongoing pandemic, including vaccine appointment coordination, PPE and food distribution.

Project Leader: Rev. Vincent Golden
Grant Partner: Eastern Union Missionary Baptist Association
Year: 2021
Amount: $25000
Capacity Building

Health Care Without Walls

Second installment of two-year grant to support building organizational capacity and expanding impact by hiring a new Executive Director, and to increase efforts to impact public policy that affects homeless women in Massaschusetts.

Project Leader: Dr. Roseanna Means
Grant Partner: Health Care Without Walls
Year: 2021
Amount: $85000