Our Grants

The Rx Foundation has funded efforts to improve the health care system in the United States since 2002. To date, the foundation has awarded over $20M in grants to hospitals, nonprofits, community organizations, and researchers working to solve persistent problems impeding the delivery of safe, high quality, health care to all citizens.

Project Leader
Grant Partner
Capacity Building

Capacity Building Grant: CHW training and technical assistance

A grant to build the capacity of TCRHN to serve as a center fo excellence for Community Health Worker (CHW) training and technical assistance in Arkansas.

Project Leader: Ms. Naomi Cottoms
Grant Partner: Tri County Rural Health Network
Year: 2019
Amount: $149472
Education & Community Action

Building a Health Justice Movement in MA

Continued support for development of the infrastructure, staffing and relationships needed to train and organize Massachusetts consumers around a proactive vision for health and health care.



Project Leader: Amy Rosenthal
Grant Partner: Health Care for All
Year: 2019
Amount: $125000
Health Care Reform

Together for the People

A gift to Together for the People in honor of Rob Restuccia and his decades of leadership at Health Care for All MA and Community Catalyst.

Project Leader:
Grant Partner: Community Catalyst
Year: 2019
Amount: $10000
Capacity Building

Building Organizational Capacity and Expanding Impact

Support for (1) the hiring of a new Executive Director to focus on organizational sustainability, and (2) increased efforts to impact public policy that affects homeless women in Massachusetts.

Project Leader: Dr. Roseanna Means
Grant Partner: Health Care Without Walls
Year: 2019
Amount: $85000
Health Care Reform

Kentucky Population Survey on Medicaid Waiver Policy

Support for a statewide representative survey of the general Kentucky population to assess awareness, understanding, and beliefs about the Kentucky HEALTH Medicaid waiver program. This grant is co-funded with The Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research Foundation.

Project Leader: Dr. Atheendar Venkataramani
Grant Partner: University of Pennsylvania
Year: 2019
Amount: $73492
New Models of Care

Hospital-Level Care for Rural and Ultra-Rural Settings

First installment of support for a feasibility pilot of rural and ultra-rural home hospital in Utah, with a goal of advancing the development and use of new care models in communities that face geographic barriers to accessing acute care.

Project Leader: Dr. David Levine
Grant Partner: Ariadne Labs
Year: 2019
Amount: $45000
Health Care Reform

Making Part D Drug Coverage Affordable and Acceptable for Medicare-only PACE Participants

Support to build support among a broad range of organizations and coalitions to raise awareness of the Medicare Part D statutory barrier that limits access to PACE for Medicare-only beneficiaries, and to work with stakeholders and key decision-makers toward a system-wide regulatory solution.

Project Leader: Anne Montgomery
Grant Partner: Altarum Institute
Year: 2019
Amount: $119976
New Models of Care

Long-Term Care and Future Planning for Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Second installment of funding for a five-year project to develop and test tools and resources for the families of adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, as well as risk stratification tools to identify adults who are at greatest risk of institutional placement. Aims include improved and more practical assistance for a population of families who have largely been underserved. Co-funded with The Patrick and Catherine Weldon Donaghue Medical Research Foundation as part of their Greater Value Portfolio.

Project Leader: Dr. Sophia Jan
Grant Partner: Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Year: 2019
Amount: $80000
Maternal & Child Health

Defining the Role of Nurses in Influencing the Likelihood of Getting a C-section

Second installment of funding to develop the methodology to examine the contribution of nursing to care delivery outcomes, and to explore how some nurses achieve consistently lower C-section rates.

Project Leader: Dr. Neel Shah & Dr. Joyce Edmonds
Grant Partner: Ariadne Labs
Year: 2019
Amount: $122022
Social Determinants of Health

Planning Grant to Design an End to End Supportive Housing System

A grant to lay the groundwork for a sustainable funding model that provides medical coordination and end-to-end services, targeting high cost, high need patients experiencing homelessness. Includes engagement with key stakeholders in the health system, the City of Boston, state government, and social service agencies to make progress on care for medically vulnerable homeless individuals.

Project Leader: Dr. Megan Sandel
Grant Partner: Boston Medical Center
Year: 2019
Amount: $123897