Our Grants

The Rx Foundation has funded efforts to improve the health care system in the United States since 2002. To date, the foundation has awarded over $20M in grants to hospitals, nonprofits, community organizations, and researchers working to solve persistent problems impeding the delivery of safe, high quality, health care to all citizens.

Project Leader
Grant Partner
Maternal & Child Health

Bridges to Moms (Research Assistant)

One additional year of support for a research assistant to work with Dr. Roseanna Means on data analysis for the Health Care Without Walls, Bridges to Moms Project.

Project Leader: Dr. Roseanna Means
Grant Partner: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Year: 2018
Amount: $28123
Maternal & Child Health

Bridges to Moms

One additional year of support for expanding the number of women served and building staff capacity for a case management model for homeless pregnant and postpartum women in Boston in partnership with Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Project Leader: Dr. Roseanna Means
Grant Partner: Health Care Without Walls
Year: 2018
Amount: $71877
Education & Community Action

Protecting Youth in Southern New England from Nicotine Addiction

Second year of funding to support educating communities in New England about the issues involved in raising the legal age for sale of tobacco products to 21.

Project Leader: Ken Farbstein
Grant Partner: NIATx Foundation
Year: 2018
Amount: $122476
New Models of Care

International Coproduction Health Network

Second year of funding in support of a multi-institutional effort to develop a collaborative learning system that supports communities of practice applying coproduction in diverse sectors of the healthcare system.

Project Leader: Dr. Paul Batalden
Grant Partner: The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice
Year: 2018
Amount: $100000
Capacity Building

COPE: Building Organizational Capacity

Final installment of a grant in support of building human resources to oversee growth in operational management including finance oversight, human resources, and grants administration.

Project Leader: Dr. Sonya Shin
Grant Partner: COPE
Year: 2018
Amount: $106400
New Models of Care

Pursuing Equity

Second year of funding in support of a health equity-focused learning and action network that will develop and test practical methods and tools for reducing disparities in health systems across the US.

Project Leader: Dr. Kedar Mate
Grant Partner: Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Year: 2018
Amount: $100000
Food Access & Nutrition

COPE: FVRx Pilot

Final installment of a multi-year grant to support the Fruits & Vegetables by Prescription (FVRx) pilot program, as part of the 3-year CDC REACH grant secured by COPE to improve food and nutrition infrastructure on Navajo Nation.

Project Leader: Dr. Sonya Shin
Grant Partner: COPE
Year: 2018
Amount: $83000
Social Determinants of Health

North Hartford Housing Improvement Initiative

In support of work to address the poor housing conditions in North Hartford that contribute to extreme health disparities in these neighborhoods, to include developing a scalable process for stabilizing housing, and creating a land trust for preserving affordable housing.

Project Leader: Rosanne Haggerty
Grant Partner: Community Solutions
Year: 2018
Amount: $100000
Health Technology

HumanDx: NACHC Technical Learning Collaborative

In support of a collaboration with the National Association of Community Health Centers to run a technical learning collaborative, working  with nine CHCs to integrate the HumanDx system that helps providers access consultations on complex medical cases.

Project Leader: Dr. Seiji Hayashi
Grant Partner: Human Diagnosis Project
Year: 2018
Amount: $86700
Health Care Reform

Consumer Engagement

In support of consumer education and engagement on Medicaid expansion and defense throughout the United States.

Project Leader:
Grant Partner: Community Catalyst
Year: 2018
Amount: $50000