Grant Programs

Building Capacity for Health Advocacy

This initiative supports advocacy, organizing, and civic engagement, with a focus on developing and strengthening leaders, organizations, and networks.

Vaccine Equity & Vaccine Plus

These initiatives support community-based and community-led efforts to address vital challenges to their health and wellbeing.

Innovation Grants

These one-time grants are designed to catalyze promising opportunities to advance health justice.

Learn from Rx Foundation Grant Partners in Their Own Words

“What I wish people knew or appreciated about our work is that the messenger matters. For example, 21 people got vaccinated in Mobile through the work of a local trusted messenger and a single Dr. Lisa on the Street session. When we match the messenger with the population, people respond and it can shift behavior…Being on the street with real people reinforces the sameness in all of us because health affects us all.”

-Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, Grapevine Health