Healing Narratives: Advocacy Partners Share Their North Stars

Original publication date: December 2023

As the end of the year approaches, we’re taking a moment to reflect. For this month’s issue we’re sharing words of wisdom directly from a few of our grant partners, in the form of two short videos showcasing their answers to our beloved interview question, “what is your guiding principle or North Star?”. Both videos capture the essence of our partners’ work – what they’ve accomplished and the future they aspire to build. For us, they’ve instilled a renewed sense of hope. We’re keen they will do the same for you.

Additionally, we are excited to announce the launch of our new webpage, “Grant Partner Spotlight Videos”, which currently features an overview of our Building Capacity for Health Advocacy grant program produced by Backbone Digital Leaders. The webpage also features organization-specific videos on Alabama Arise, People’s Action Institute, and Vot-ER. It’s another chance for you to connect directly with a few of our partners, and hear from them In Their Own Words. We look forward to growing this page to spotlight more of our grant partners across all programs in the year ahead.

As we ring in another year, we wish you continued health and prosperity. Thank you for connecting with the Rx Foundation this year through many newsletters, events, and conversations. We eagerly await many more in the year ahead.

Three Things

Human Impact Partners, Transformative Climate Communities for All: Climate funding for unincorporated communities in CA

Power Building – Making Community Engagement Transformative

Watch: A two-part series from Community Science

Movement Moments Podcast

Listen: “The National LGBTQ Task Force at 50”, a series of conversations about the past 50 years and the next from the voices and organizers who helped shape our history.


Views From the Field

Read: Abby Hyman’s (The Healing Trust) piece for Grantmakers in Health, “Healing Our Healers: Funding Transformational Staff Wellness”.

Rx Foundation’s Building Capacity for Health Advocacy Partners Share Their North Stars

In these challenging times, good people and good work help us hold on to hope. In these two short videos featuring our Advocacy partners In Their Own Words, their reflections on what guides them – their true north or guiding principle – are a reminder of how deeply important it is that we continue to move toward health justice for all communities.

In the first video, Rx partners articulate the profound importance of community organizing in pursuit of justice – health, racial, economic, and more. Together, their narratives create a powerful tapestry, each connected by the core belief that transformative change begins with ordinary people. While their issue areas or geographic focus may vary, it’s clear that people power is a common thread shared by these organizations.

The second video, below, delves into the heart of healthcare advocacy, featuring Rx partners who work diligently for equitable, affordable, and high-quality healthcare across the United States. Collectively, their narratives underscore the shared belief that everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, should have access to healthcare that meets their needs when, where, and how they need it.

So as 2023 comes to a close, enjoy a warm cup of tea, coffee, or cocoa, find a quiet moment, and connect with our incredible Advocacy partners. Their testimonies not only serve a reflective purpose; for us, they are an antidote to hopelessness. 

Both videos are full of shared wisdom, something we can hold on to as we look ahead to 2024. As we ring in the new year, we will carry the words of our partners with us as we build a future wherein all communities have the meaningful resources and power to address the root causes of poor health and health inequities. 

Introducing Our New “Grant Partner Spotlight Videos” Webpage

We are also excited to announce the launch of our new webpage, Grant Partner Spotlight Videos, which currently features a deep dive into three partners from our Building Capacity for Health Advocacy grant program: Alabama ArisePeople’s Action Institute, and Vot-ER

The first video linked below, produced by Backbone Digital Leaders, provides an overview of our capacity-building grantmaking.

A few scrolls down on the webpage, you’ll find organization-specific videos that go deeper into the stories of each partner and their work.

  • Alabama Arise shares more about their postpartum Medicaid coverage extension win, and their continued advocacy efforts for Medicaid expansion and dignified healthcare for all
  • People’s Action Institute highlights their role in supporting grassroots advocacy and community organizing across the country, and emphasizes the importance of health justice
  • Vot-ER reveals the role civic health plays in our overall health and wellbeing, and how a people-powered, healthy and inclusive democracy begets better health outcomes

We look forward to sharing more videos spotlighting Rx grant partners to this page in the year ahead.


Birth Equity Funders Landscape Report

As our nation continues to face worsening pregnancy-related health outcomes, we want to take a moment to uplift our philanthropic colleagues at the Funders for Birth Justice & Equity alliance, who have recently released a new report outlining the funding landscape for birth equity work across the United States.

Their summary of findings covers the who, what, and how of funding opportunities for birth equity work. It’s not only a resource to other foundations and donors but to nonprofit organizations working to achieve birth equity.

Guide To Messaging Our Freedoms

This guide, developed by We Make The Future, ASO Communications, and partner organizations, provides examples of how to message towards the future that we deserve. Example messages are rooted in the freedom frame, the Race Class Narrative, and other empirically-based messaging practices. The guide is full of proven approaches to motivate, inspire our audiences to take action, and push people toward our desired solutions.

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