Letter of Inquiry Guidelines

health care quality and access

The Rx Foundation does not consider unsolicited letters of inquiry (LOI). If you think you have a project that might be of interest to the foundation, please send a brief email to the Rx Foundation [email protected].

The purpose of the LOI is to give the Foundation a sense of the context, goals, and rationale of a project. If the project is deemed a potentially good match for the Foundation, the applicant will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Please follow these guidelines in preparing your LOI for review by the Rx Foundation:

  • LOI should not be a vague exploration of an idea; it is assumed that you have already thought through your proposed project (including budget) and are presenting an abbreviated description.
  • LOI should be no more than 2 pages and succinctly summarize:
    • project title, institution(s) involved, and project leader(s);
    • statement of need;
    • the “what” and “how” of the project;
    • institutional capacity and support for the project;
    • expected outcomes, and a clear sense of how will they be measured and disseminated;
    • total project cost and/or draft budget;
    • potential for matching funds (if applicable).
  • Please also consider these questions when preparing your LOI:
    • What specific health care problem does your project target?
    • How would your project, if successful, significantly advance efforts to solve that problem?
    • How will you measure the success of this project?
    • What next steps would need to be taken following the Rx Foundation funding period?
    • Why can’t funding for this project be raised from sources other than the Rx Foundation—for instance, from an institution, a government agency, or private investors?
  • The LOI will not cover each of these questions in detail, it should be your best 2-page pitch of the proposed project. If a full proposal is requested, there will be an opportunity for depth and detail on each aspect of the project.