Updates from Asdzáán Be’eena’

The team at the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health recently published two papers, in the Family and Community Health and BMC Public Health scientific journals. 

In the pilot, funded by Rx Foundation, the Center conducted a feasibility and impact assessment of their Female Pathways/Mother Daughter program, Asdzáán Be’eena’. Developed over several years in partnership with Navajo Nation and guided by community advisory boards and cultural experts, this program is an “intergenerational, strength-based, and culturally grounded program to improve the health of Navajo families.” The program evaluation, as published in BMC, showed great promise. If Asdzáán Be’eena’ continues to be efficacious, this will be the first culturally-grounded primary prevention program for Native families that “promotes protective factors associated with delayed substance use and sexual risk taking” for young Navajo women

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