Re-envisioning Care for People With Involved Disabilities

The Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation at Community Catalyst is working to support clinicians and health systems in understanding and adopting principles of person-centered care for patients with complex needs. Dr. Robert Master and Dr. Ann Hwang worked with clinician and consumer leaders to produce a series of short educational videos that are free to access.

The video series examines:

  • How the traditional medical system fails to meet the needs of people with involved disabilities;
  • How the values of the Independent Living model can help to create a system of care that lowers barriers and honors the lived experience of people with disabilities;
  • How to change organizational culture to reflect a holistic, person-centered system of care; and
  • How home-based care primary care contributes to the care of people with complex health and social needs.

This work was supported by the Rx Foundation.

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