Vaccine Plus – Community Health & Power: Northeast Ohio

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Vaccine Plus – Community Heath and Power


Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition





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A Vaccine Plus grant to support the Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalitions’ continued Vaccine Plus efforts, including hosting health and health education events in northeast Ohio.

More From Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition

Below are several blog posts featuring Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalitions’ work on health and well-being, and lessons from other Vaccine Plus partners.

Combatting Health Misinformation: Lessons and Innovations from COVID Vaccine Outreach Efforts

Health-related mis- and disinformation is running rampant. There appear to be false claims everywhere – in conversations, on television, in the news, on social media – about nearly every topic you can imagine – diets, medical treatments, vaccines, drugs, and diseases.  What we mean by “Misinformation” or “Disinformation” Misinformation Misinformation is different than disinformation! While both…

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Putting Power at the Center of Health Philanthropy

Original publication date: October 2023 As COVID-19 public health emergencies and policies have expired or are unwinding across the country, the community-based leaders and organizations serving our communities are no less busy. We face ongoing crises including limited access to primary, preventive, and mental health care, substance use disorder and gun violence epidemics, a lack of…

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Key Lessons from Vaccine Plus Grant Partners

In 2022, we launched the Vaccine Plus: Community Health and Power grant program, providing flexible $25,000 grants to community-based and community-led health initiatives. Building on the foundation of our 2021 COVID Vaccine Equity and Access rapid response grants, the goal of Vaccine Plus was to support the expanded efforts of this cohort of grant recipients…

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