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A Vaccine Plus grant to support New Direction Health Care Solutions’ continued Vaccine Plus efforts, including hosting health and health education events in East Tennessee and the New Direction Health Equity Research Institute’s activities.

More From New Direction Health Care Solutions

Below are several blog posts featuring New Direction Health Care Solutions’ work on health and well-being, and lessons from other Vaccine Plus partners.

Putting Power at the Center of Health Philanthropy

Original publication date: October 2023 As COVID-19 public health emergencies and policies have expired or are unwinding across the country, the community-based leaders and organizations serving our communities are no less busy. We face ongoing crises including limited access to primary, preventive, and mental health care, substance use disorder and gun violence epidemics, a lack of…

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Levers for Long-Term Change: How Vaccine Plus Community-Led Health Initiatives Built Power & Strategies for the Future

In this webinar, featuring three of Rx Foundation’s Vaccine Plus – Community Health and Power grant partners – El Centro, New Direction Health Care Solutions, and the Organization for Black Struggle – and guided by moderator Gloria Medina of Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE), we discuss whether grassroots groups are better able to advance long-term change in their communities as a result…

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Community Engagement, Trusted Messengers, and Faith-Based Health Initiatives

Original publication date: April 2023 This month, we are honored to feature New Direction Health Care Solutions, one of our Vaccine Plus: Community Health & Power grant partners. In conversation with Founder and President, Ms. Cynthia J. Finch, we discuss her biggest takeaways from New Direction’s COVID vaccine equity work including lessons on community engagement, trusted messengers,…

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Ms. Cynthia J. Finch, New Direction Health Care Solutions, named USA Today’s Woman of the Year in Tennessee

Ms. Cynthia J. Finch, Executive Director of New Direction Health Care Solutions, was recently honored for her significant contribution to her community as USA Today’s Woman of the Year in Tennessee. “When people started calling me in my community saying they couldn’t get a vaccine, when African Americans in East Knoxville were telling me they…

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Beyond Grantmaking: New Direction Health Care Solutions

A rapid response Vaccine Equity grant set this organization on a new trajectory, dramatically increasing its capacity to educate, test, and vaccinate Black and rural communities in Tennessee.