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Building Capacity for Health Advocacy


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A bridge grant to support the Civic Health Alliance in growing their team and galvanizing the healthcare sector to encourage patients, providers and communities to become civically engaged through activities such as get-out-the-vote (GOTV) events, townhalls, and other forms of engagement.

Resources for Civic Engagement:

2023 Policy Agenda

In this one-pager, Civic Health Alliance shares their public policy agenda to engage health care professionals and healthcare delivery systems in ongoing public advocacy supporting elections and civic engagement issues.

Civic Health Compact

The Civic Health Compact addresses legal guidelines for civic engagement in healthcare, and offers several promising real-world examples for implementation to create policies and practices promoting civic health.

2022 Annual Report

Learn more about Civic Health Alliance’s multi-pronged approach to weaving voting and civic engagement efforts into health care delivery organizations in 2022.