Building Capacity for Civic Engagement Leadership in Healthcare

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Building Capacity for Health Advocacy







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The third installment of a three year grant to Vot-ER to build capacity for civic engagement leadership in healthcare across the United States.

More from Vot-ER

Below are several blog posts and webinars featuring Vot-ER and other colleagues working on civic health.

Celebrating Civic Health Month

It’s #CivicHealthMonth! Every August, over 300 organizations nationwide, including the American Medical Association, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the National Medical Association, join together to celebrate, learn, and take action to improve the civic health of their communities. This year, Civic Health Month is hosting its FREE annual conference on Friday, August 5th at 12-4:15pm Eastern….

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Embracing Civic Engagement as a Core Tenet of the Health Sector

In this webinar chaired by Civic Health Alliance, this panel features Dr. Stella Safo (Civic Health Alliance), Jeanne Ayers (Healthy Democracy Healthy People), and Aliya Bhatia (Vot-ER) in a conversation with each other about the challenges and opportunities with creating a movement around civic health. Embracing Civic Engagement as a Core Tenet of the Health…

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