Reporting Guidelines

health care quality and access

Please follow these instructions in preparing your interim or final grant report to the Rx Foundation:

  1. In the executive summary, describe your most important accomplishments under this grant.
  2. Summarize what it was that you set out to accomplish under this grant, mentioning the deliverables, milestones, or outcomes that you had hoped to achieve.
  3. Describe your activities and level of success in meeting each deliverable, milestone, or outcome.
  4. If you were unable to meet proposed deliverables/outcomes, please explain why. What were the setbacks you encountered, and what did you learn from them?
  5. If there was a specific evaluation component, please describe the nature of the evaluation and the results.
  6. Describe what you learned from this project, providing copies of, or links to, any papers or presentations or other tools that resulted from this work.
  7. Describe any results or learnings that you found particularly surprising.
  8. Mention any funding relationships or other partnerships you have built as a result of this grant.
  9. Describe steps that will be taken to carry this work forward following the conclusion of the Rx funding period. In doing so, please explain how this work will be supported by your institution or other partners.
  10. You must include a financial report that details your spending on this project against the budget that was submitted with your proposal.