Proposal Guidelines

health care quality and access

The Rx Foundation does not publish requests for proposals or consider unsolicited proposals. If the Foundation has invited you to submit a full proposal, please follow these guidelines:


  • The proposal should be no more than 10 pages in length, not including references and support letters
  • The proposal may include embedded links to external references
  • The proposal must be submitted in PDF format
  • The budget must adhere to the 10% limit on indirect expenses


  1. The Rx Foundation Grant Proposal Cover Page (available for download) must be included as page 1 of the proposal
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Statement of need: describe the problem you seek to address and any context needed to understand the project
  4. Technical basis of the project, including any previous work that forms the foundation for this proposed work
  5. Explanation of how this project is innovative, and/or how it improves on existing alternatives
  6. Project plan, including:
    1. Main objectives
    2. Core activities
    3. Timeline
    4. Project deliverables
    5. Anticipated project impact – how will your work move the needle on the problem you outlined in item #3 above?
  7. How will you know if you are succeeding? Include detail on how you will measure the progress, outcomes, and impact of the project. Specify milestones, metrics, benchmarks, or indicators where appropriate. Specify evaluation partners, if applicable.
  8. Expected learnings and anticipated next steps.
  9. What are your strategies and plans for sustaining and scaling this project?
  10. Organizational capacity, including key staff, management structure, institutional support, and collaboration with other stakeholders. Include support letters from any key partners.
  11. Detailed project budget and narrative.
    1. Please note that Rx policy limits its funding of indirect costs to 10% of the total grant budget.
    2. The budget should be submitted in a format that will allow you to easily report actual project expenses against budgeted expenses in the same format.
  12. If a previous Rx grant partner: What did you accomplish in your most recent grant from Rx?
  13. If applying to Rx for the first time: Please attach the following documents:
    • Organizational description, including a brief history, mission, goals, and programs
    • Copy of IRS letter holding organization exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) and declaring that organization is classified as a public charity under Section 509(a) and is eligible to receive charitable contributions deductible under Section 170
    • List of Board of Directors
    • Annual Report, if available
    • NOTE: If you would receive this grant via a fiscal agent / fiscal sponsor, please contact [email protected] for a list of supplemental documents