2021 Reporting Guidelines


Please follow these guidelines to prepare your progress report for the Building Capacity for Health Advocacy grant program. The written report has 4 sections: (1) quantitative and qualitative assessment of the previous year, (2) a short self-assessment on advocacy capacity, (3) goal-setting for the upcoming year, and (4) finance report. Following submission of the written report, we will set up a call to discuss your experience to date and goals for the next year in more detail.

The Rx Foundation goals for this round of reports include learning what you accomplished, understanding your strategies and goals moving forward, and planning for additional support of the learning community. We recognize that you are working in dynamic systems, with frequent shifts in the landscape, and we seek to understand how you are responding to those shifts and how the shifts impact your needs and goals for building capacity.


I. Executive Summary:

In one paragraph, give us the top-level summary of your experience and accomplishments in the past year. We recommend coming back to write this summary after completing all of the sections below.

II. Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment:

a. Report back on the objectives you set for yourself. Summarize your activities, related metrics, and your progress on each objective. What should we know that is not captured in the objectives, activities, and metrics? (Reminder that we are not only interested in your “wins”, we want to understand where you made progress and where you exceeded or fell short of your goals.).

b. If you distributed a portion of the Rx funds as field grants to partner organizations, tell us about those partnerships and how the field grants link to the goals you set out for building capacity.

c. How have your strategies and priorities for building capacity for advocacy changed/evolved since the start of your grant?

d. What aspects of your work in the last year involved building relationships and/or weaving stronger networks? Do you have any lessons to share about what it takes to foster cooperation or coalition-building?

e. Regarding the learning community: (1) Did anyone on your team engage with the training opportunities offered through the learning community? (2) Did you recommend a vaccine equity grant to a local community-based organization? Please include any reflections or feedback on these opportunities if applicable.

III. Advocacy capacity self-assessment:

Please follow this link to complete the ACT! Quick. As you answer these questions, please note for yourself areas in which your organization is strongest, areas where you have strong partnerships, and 1-3 areas in which you want to strengthen capacity within your organization or coalitions.

IV. Goals:

a. Detail several reasonable goals, and at least one stretch goal, for the next year [think about goals that you will be able to report back on in next year’s report.] These can be different from the goals you described in the original grant application.

b. As you think about the next year and beyond, what is one goal or milestone that would represent a major “hit it out of the park” kind of win?

V. Finance Report:

a. Report spending to date against the budget in the format you submitted with your proposal, and include narrative explanation for any big changes in spending relative to what you had planned (a general guideline is a variance of +/- 15% or greater).

b.  Submit a budget for how you anticipate using the next year of grant funds.


Updated as of July 6, 2021