Ms. Cynthia J. Finch, New Direction Health Care Solutions, named USA Today’s Woman of the Year in Tennessee

Ms. Cynthia J. Finch, Executive Director of New Direction Health Care Solutions, was recently honored for her significant contribution to her community as USA Today’s Woman of the Year in Tennessee.


“When people started calling me in my community saying they couldn’t get a vaccine, when African Americans in East Knoxville were telling me they couldn’t get access, it was time for me to bridge that gap. Whatever I need to do to save lives, I’ll do it”

– Cynthia J. Finch

Since the earliest days of the COVID pandemic, Ms. Finch has been a leader on the frontlines in Knoxville. She’s known locally for her ongoing commitment and effort to connect underserved communities in Knoxville to testing and vaccination services with her “Cynthia’s List”, a notebook of individuals’ names she personally wrote down line-by-line and whom she would connect to services one-by-one. Nearly 100,000 vaccination shots later, through ongoing weekly clinics at the Free Medical Clinic in East Knoxville and larger events like the Mega Children’s Vaccination Clinic, Ms. Finch continues to work on addressing health care disparities for people in her community.

Congratulations, Ms. Finch on the recognition of all of your hard work and unwavering commitment to serving your community!

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A rapid response Vaccine Equity grant set this organization on a new trajectory, dramatically increasing its capacity to educate, test, and vaccinate Black and rural communities in Tennessee.

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