Ariadne Labs’ First Rural Home Hospital patient in Utah

In February of 2021, a team of public health researchers and doctors from Ariadne Labs, led by Dr. David M. Levine, successfully admitted, treated, and discharged the very first Rural Home Hospital patient in Utah.

The team has also published two papers, Rural Perceptions of Acute Care at Home: A Qualitative Analysis (The Journal of Rural Health) and Scoping and testing rural acute care at home: a simulation analysis (BMJ Innovations), based on their findings. Both papers present new learnings on rural home hospital care, including stakeholder perceptions and mock admissions results, respectively, from 2019. In short, the team found that “rural home hospital care is technically feasible, well-received and desired” by both patients and providers; and the implementation of this new model of care would relieve pressing issues of access, safety, quality, experience, and cost in rural areas.

Rx Foundation partnered with Ariadne Labs to support their feasibility pilot for rural home hospital care.

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