Who makes the funding decisions for the Rx Foundation?

The Rx Foundation Board of Trustees, consisting of a mix of laypersons and health experts, makes all grantmaking decisions. Foundation Board members and the Executive Director actively seek out new projects and partners to bring to the Board for discussion.

How often does the Rx Foundation make grant decisions during the year?

The Rx Foundation makes grants throughout the calendar year. The Board of Trustees votes on full proposals an average of four times per year, with the two biggest opportunities taking place in June and December.

How many letters of inquiry are invited to submit a full proposal?

An estimated 50% of prospective grant partners who submit a letter of inquiry in the Quality and Access Grant Program are invited to submit full proposals.

What is the Rx Foundation’s policy on covering indirect costs?

Rx Foundation limits its funding of indirect costs to 10% of the total grant budget.

I really think my project would be a good fit for the Rx Foundation mission, how do I initiate a conversation about a possible letter of inquiry?

Please send a brief email describing your project to  [email protected], including information about the project leader(s) and the institution(s) involved in the project. If your project falls within the Rx Foundation’s current priorities, the Foundation will respond regarding submission of a letter of inquiry. Please note that we may not be able to respond to every inquiry on account of the volume of requests.

I am an existing grant partner, and I want to include information about the Rx Foundation and/or the Rx logo in a press release or other public document.

While the Rx Foundation does not require acknowledgement, we appreciate that you may want to cite your Rx Foundation support in public materials. Please reach out to [email protected] for the appropriate logo file. If placing the Rx Foundation logo on your website, please be sure to link to www.rxfoundation.org.

Please use the following boilerplate text to describe the Rx Foundation:

The Rx Foundation funds innovative projects and people to improve health care quality and access in the United States. The foundation supports early-stage initiatives with strong leadership and potential for outsized impact.