Ariadne Labs’ COVID-19 Response: Vaccine Equity Planner tool & Mass Vaccination Site Collaborative

I Got My COVID Vaccine Sticker

Over the past several months, the team at Ariadne Labs has been working diligently to make COVID-19 vaccinations more equitable, efficient, and easy for all — planners, providers, and patients.

Most recently, Ariadne Labs partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital and Google to launch the Vaccine Equity Planner tool. With this tool, state and local planners can identify ‘vaccine deserts’ to provide more targeted opportunities for equitable COVID-19 vaccination, as well as remove obstacles to vaccination access.

In May 2021, Ariadne Labs also launched a blog to record and share learnings and insights from their Global Mass Vaccination Site Collaborative, a fifty member collective representing more than twelve mass vaccinations sites across the US, that gathers regularly to host virtual, lively forums on COVID-19 vaccinations. Rx Foundation supported Ariadne Labs with a grant to launch the Global Mass Vaccination Site Collaborative. Today, the blog has 10 articles and growing, covering COVID-19 vaccination challenges, insights, and solutions in real-time as mass vaccination site leaders exchange information in the changing landscape of COVID-19. Learn more key takeaways from field experts on COVID-19 vaccinations by visiting their blog at, or learn more about Ariadne Labs’ response to COVID-19 at

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